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Garage Door Off Track Next To Briargate CO

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Mrs. Wright found that, after she had accidentally bumped her garage door with her car, it got stuck while trying to open.
Our Solution: The small collision between Mrs. Wright’s car and her garage door had caused the door to be knocked off the track in a certain spot. A few rollers had come out of the track, which wouldn’t allow the door to budge. We pried the track open to reinsert the rollers, then closed it again to test the movement of the door closely.

Vera Wright - Briargate
Garage Door Troubleshooting | Stratmoor | Colorado Springs, CO

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Ms. Marcester’s garage door refused to close after she had opened it.
Our Solution: Our first instinct was to see if the safety sensors were properly aligned, and it paid off. After loosening, leveling, and aligning the photo eye sensors until their LED’s came on, our tests of the garage door had it closing normally.

Sylvania Marcester - Stratmoor
New Garage Door Installation in Briargate | Garage Door Repair Colorado Springs, CO

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: The customer’s door was smashed outward entirely, with the hinges and panels broken apart and tracks bent out of shape when the rollers came out.
Our Solution: A complete set of Sears hinges, tracks, and rollers, sturdier than the old set, made a suitable replacement. The new panels our team installed were made of steel this time, and just within the existing opener’s weight limit. The new door is only a hairsbreadth slower than the older, lighter one, but won’t break as easily!

Yelena Chen - Briargate
Opener Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair Colorado Springs, CO

Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: Old opener unable to work.
Our Solution: We inspected the old motor unit and determined it to be a total loss. We recommended the customer get a new more modern model, which would offer him several additional security and efficiency improvements. He chose an ultra-quiet model B750 Chamberlain belt drive garage door opener, and we proceeded to set the new unit up for him and ensure that it was fully functional and had no trouble opening and closing the door.

Patrick Sanchez - Colorado Springs
Sensor Alignment Project | Garage Door Repair Colorado Springs, CO

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Misaligned safety sensors.
Our Solution: The opener's photoelectric eyes were out of alignment, which was causing the door to reverse each time the customer tried to close it. We repositioned them and then made sure the door could close with no interruptions.

Lacy Wallace - Knob Hill
Cable Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair Colorado Springs, CO

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Snapped garage door cable.
Our Solution: We first made sure that the second cable was fine and didn't get off its drum. Then we removed the broken cable and installed a new unit in its place. After making sure that the door could open and close effortlessly again, we gave the customer some maintenance tips that would help him reduce the system's working strain.

Rick Barriston - Colorado Springs

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