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Garage Door Repairs Projects in Gleneagle CO

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Garage Door Repairs Projects in Gleneagle CO

If your garage door panels get damaged, your opener stops working correctly or a couple of rollers need to be replaced, our technicians will be able to help. Below you'll find a few of the many different projects we completed as of late.

Broken Spring Replacement Next To Gleneagle CO

Broken Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Ms. Patrick grew distressed when her garage door refused to open when she had an appointment to get to.
Our Solution: We inspected Ms. Patrick’s garage door, and noticed that one of the torsion garage door springs had broken, hence the problem. Our professionals let go of the tension after securing the door to remove the pieces and install the new spring. After the tension had been returned, we also checked the balance to make certain the door would move as it should.

Maxine Patrick - Gleneagle
Garage Door Opener Replacement Near Black Forest | Gleneagle, CO

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer knew her opener would give out soon, and wanted a more powerful one to last longer this time.
Our Solution: The LiftMaster 8500W wall mounted smart garage door opener offered the power and ease of control the customer wanted, and also freed up a lot of space compared to her old screw drive. Installation required some jerry rigging for the housing, but the end result was worth it.

Brittany Augustine - Black Forest
Garage Door Troubleshooting in Gleneagle | Garage Door Repair Gleneagle, CO

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: The opener wouldn’t respond to the remote control, though there didn’t appear to be anything wrong with the handset.
Our Solution: Our team tried using the remote from just a few feet away, and the opener responded. Concluding that this was an antenna problem, they replaced the faulty antenna with a replacement part, thus solving the problem.

Daphne Hanssen - Gleneagle
Panel Replacement | Garage Door Repair Gleneagle, CO

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: One of the door sections got damaged.
Our Solution: After making sure the panel in question was the only part of the door that had been damaged, we returned to the customer's home with a new panel of a matching color and design (and made by the same manufacturer too) and set it up in place of the damaged section.

Din Gresham - Gleneagle
Opener Repair | Garage Door Repair Gleneagle, CO

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The door would not open more than a few feet high.
Our Solution: The first part of the mechanism we checked were the tracks, as they are often the reason for this type of problem. It wasn't the case here, though, so we began checking the opener's settings, including the travel limit switch. Finally, we located the problem to be with the logic board, which we then proceeded to replace with a new unit. Before leaving, we reprogrammed the customer's remotes to ensure he could continue using them like he used to.

Chris Kline - Gleneagle
Roller Replacement | Garage Door Repair Gleneagle, CO

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Old nylon rollers broke.
Our Solution: After fixing the minor track dents that led to this problem, we suggested replacing the broken rollers with new units made from metal, as those would be more durable and will simply need to be lubricated occasionally to keep their performance quiet. Mr. Fredericks agreed and we replaced all of the units with new steel rollers, which we then lubricated.

Carl Fredericks - Black Forest

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