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Garage Door Repairs Projects in Knob Hill CO

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Garage Door Repairs Projects in Knob Hill CO

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Garage Door Opener Repair Next To Knob Hill CO

Garage Door Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Mrs. Rios discovered that sometimes her garage door wouldn’t close as she expected it to, and would come home to find her door had been open all day.
Our Solution: Our experts first ran the garage door to test and see how it responded, before detaching the Craftsman CMXEOCG231 model garage door opener. We opened it up for an examination and found an issue with the wiring of the circuit board. After repairing the problem, our professionals reinstalled the opener and checked the door’s movement again.

Jean Rios - Knob Hill
Garage Door Troubleshooting Near Knob Hill, CO

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Mr. Cavalcanti’s garage door crashed down to the floor mid-opening and wouldn’t open again.
Our Solution: The lift cables were clearly at fault; it turned out that one had come loose a long time ago, and the other eventually snapped under the strain. Both garage door cables required replacement. Fortunately, the garage door itself took only cosmetic damage to the bottom seal and panels. After making sure the springs weren't damaged and that the opener drive system was ok, we proceeded with the work. We secured the door in place, removed the cables and installed new ones.

Geno Cavalcanti - Knob Hill
Roller Replacement in Knob Hill | Garage Door Repair Knob Hill, CO

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: The garage door rollers were worn, and it didn’t open properly as a result.
Our Solution: We opened the door and disconnected the opener from the power. We then clamped the door open, and removed the old rollers. After replacing them with new, more durable ones, we removed the clamps, reconnected the opener, and tested the door.

Govind Khan - Knob Hill
Track Replacement in Knob Hill | Garage Door Repair Knob Hill, CO

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer’s garage door had rusted, pitted tracks.
Our Solution: We disconnected the opener and removed the door before replacing the tracks with new, durable ones. We then refitted the door, reconnected the opener, and performed both a manual and automatic test to make sure everything worked properly.

Daniel Bennett - Knob Hill
New Garage Door Installation in Knob Hill | Garage Door Repair Knob Hill, CO

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: The customer’s garage door was old and worn, and she was interested in having it replaced.
Our Solution: After a consultation in which we offered the customer a range of options, Mrs. Barkley ordered a new classic aluminium Clopay garage door. On our second appointment we removed the old door and installed the new one in addition to a new opener. Lastly, we tested the door’s balance and made sure everything was working to Mrs. Barkley’s satisfaction.

Janet Barkley - Knob Hill

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